World Water Day Package

To commemorate World Water Day, the project partners MBB, Malta Chamber, and MHRA are offering businesses and hotels the following complimentary World Water Day Package consisting of:

1)    A water audit will be carried out at your premises

  1. Water audits take about 2 hours to complete. During the audit your systems will be reviewed and water saving opportunities identified. You will then be presented with a report outlining water saving solutions, and quantifying the savings possible through each solution. The report is individual to your company and confidential.

2)    Our experts will analyse 2 years of your water consumption data

  1. All you need do is provide the project with water consumption data for 2011 and 2012. This will be analysed and included in the water audit report. This analysis will help you understand your consumption better, how to reduce and manage it.

3)    Your technical water management staff can attend training on water saving solutions

  1. Staff will need to attend 2 workshops covering Malta’s water scarcity situation, the 6 most attractive water saving solutions on the local market today, how to maintain a water savings programme, and presentations for representatives from best practice businesses and hotels.

4)    You will receive a water saving kit

  1. Kits consist of restrictors for wash hand basin mixers and shower piping, a toilet flushing water displacement device, and dyes which can be used to check for leaks in toilets

5)    You will receive water saving signs for business staff areas

What are the benefits?

Through the above you will receive individual consultation which will recommend water saving solutions catering for your specific needs. Your technical staff will receive training in adopting and maintaining these solutions, and through the water savings kit you will be able to test potential solutions prior to taking any decisions.

The end result – you will be in a position to take informed action leading to a reduction in water consumption and utility bills, and to maintain the gains.

The Corinthia Group are one of the enterprises which have already benefited from the project’s consultation.

Book a World Water Day Package

50 packages are available – bookings are taking on a first come first served basis. To book a World Water Day Package kindly contact: MBB’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project Manager, Geoffrey Saliba; via phone: 21251719; or via email with subject World Water Day Package COMPANY NAME: