The National Water Conference - Key Experts

This page highlights key quotes in the speeches featured in the National Water Conference, in chronological order. You are also able to listen to the speech of each speaker with the link provided. Presentations delivered are available to download in the tap to the right.

"We would not only like to raise awareness, but also empower enterprises to improve their sustainability," George Vella, President, Malta Business Bureau

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"By saving water enterprises are both reducing costs as well as complimenting national water management efforts," Dr Marie Louise Mangion, Head of Tourism Sustainibility Unity, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Environment
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"The EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project aims to help businesses and hotels save water," Mr Geoffrey Saliba, EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project Manager.


"Malta is extracting 48% more groundwater than is sustainably available," Mr Manuel Sapiano, MRA Hydrologist

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"85% of businesses and 75% of hotels exceed best practice water flows, leading to significant water wastage," Ing. Marco Cremona, Water Expert to the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project

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Question and Answer Session

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"A key objective of Malta’s water policy is the sustainable use and management of national water sources. Sustainability requires the efficient use of water," Mr Manuel Sapiano, MRA Hydrologist

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"Member states have an obligation to establish cost recovery for 'water services', including environmental and resources costs, which should have been done by 1st January 2010. Member states also need to ensure that water bodies are restored to ‘Good Status’ by 2015, with no further deterioration," Mr Peter Gammeltoft, Head of Water Protection Unit, Directorate-General Environment, European Commission

Mr Gammeltoft

"There is significant potential in Malta’s industrial estates and factory areas for rainwater harvesting however, adequate infrastructure is not in place," Mr Tancred Tabone, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

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Question and Answer Session

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"The Hilton’s sewage treatment plant produces second class water at €0.90 – cheaper than tap water, bowser supplied groundwater, and in-house reverse osmosis desalinated water," Ing. Joseph Restall, Cheif Engineer, Hilton Malta

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"Harvested rainwater satisfies 36% of the total water consumption at the APS Bank’s Head Office," Mr Victor Buhagiar, Manager Administration, APS Bank

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"Flow reducing devices, waste water treatment and an in-house non potable water distribution network could reduce water consumption per capita in the domestic sphere from 200 to 60 litres per day," Dr Fabio Masi, Technical Director - Scientific Manager, LIFE WATACLIC Project

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"Modular tanks can be constructed in unconventional shapes and sizes. This allows sites with limited space to install reservoirs and harvest rainwater, removing a long standing barrier to rainwater harvesting," Mrs Konstantina Toli, Programme Officer, Alter Aqua GWP-Med Project

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"Nearly half the water produced is either lost through leakages or consumed without being paid for as an apparent loss," Mr Tony Zahra, President, Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association

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Discussion Session

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