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Water Audits have shown that enterprises with engaged employees waste less water. Interested employees have spotted leaks, identified malfunctioning equipment, and taken the initiative to source water saving equipment.

The project partners would like to encourage this best practice throughout industry. We are offering complimentary Water Saving Workshops to any interested business and hotel.

Workshops for general staff


The workshops for general staff detail Malta’s water scarcity situation, your enterprises’ water saving measures and how the employees can support them, and to provide an additional service we will also highlight solutions which your employees can take home to reduce their consumption.


Workshops for technical staff


We also offer enterprises training of their technical staff members. The training will detail how to analyse your consumption for water saving opportunities, how to match solutions to the opportunities, how to implement the solutions, and how to monitor their success.  

Workshops schedule


Technical staff will need to attend two half day workshops (Workshop A and B) to complete their training. Below is a list of workshops:

22nd February 2013               – Workshop A (closed)

5th April 2013                        – Workshop B (closed)

31st May 2013                       – Workshop A (places available)


Presentations given during Workshops A & B are available for download from the right hand section of this page.


General staff workshops normally last 90 minutes and are held on the interested enterprises premises. We are happy to work to your schedule and therefore can organise these workshops at your convenience.

Who are our team?


Project Manager Geoffrey Saliba will be organising the workshops. Technical workshops which will be given jointly by the Project Manager and the project’s Water Expert Ing. Marco Cremona, joined by representatives from local industry to present best practice case studies. Workshops for general staff will be given by the Project Manager.

How to book an workshop


Simply contact the MBB by email, telephone, of ask for a face to face meeting. Our contact details are here – kindly fill in the subject form with ‘Water Workshop NAME OF ENTEPRISE’.