Slash your Water Bills - MBB offers businesses and hotels 100 Water Audits

As part of the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project the Malta Business Bureau and its partners the Malta Chamber and MHRA this morning offered businesses and hotels in Malta and Gozo 100 complimentary water audits. Bookings opened today and will remain open for the next 12 months.

Through the audits, led by Ing Marco Cremona, enterprises’ water consumption and facilities will be evaluated to identify water saving opportunities, and specific water saving solutions will be recommended.  The project team will then remain available for consultation on the implementation of these solutions.


This is the second set of Water Audits offered to enterprises by the project. The first set of 40, carried out earlier this year, was quickly booked by hotels of all categories, and businesses from various sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, and distribution.


“This first set showed that there is tremendous potential for water savings locally.” stated Ing Marco Cremona, Water Expert to the MBB’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project. “Almost all of the 40 enterprises audited earlier this year could easily save water, translating into many thousands of euros and tons of water in savings.”


The financial savings alone are an attractive incentive to water savings. However, enterprises saving water can also take satisfaction knowing that they are protecting a nationally scarce resource – Malta is acknowledged as one of the world’s top ten water scarce countries.


This already scarce resource is threatened by over-extraction, with around 50% more groundwater taken every year than is sustainably available. Over-extraction impacts on the quality of remaining groundwater, threatening future supply. The first step to countering this threat is to ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible.


“The project has helped several factories and hotels identify savings of up to 4000 tons of water each - a staggering reduction in running expenses of over €10,000 annually.” said Geoffrey Saliba the MBB’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project Manager. “We can help more enterprises achieve similar savings and strongly encourage interested businesses and hotels to take advantage of this service.”


For more details or to place bookings visit this page.