MBB project website transformed into water-saving tool

As part of the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project the MBB today launched a free online self-assessment tool which helps businesses and hotels identify water saving opportunities, and recommends specific solutions.

The tool is the first of its kind for the Maltese Islands and the MBB believes it fills an important gap in the water saving decision making process. Commenting on this, MBB CEO Joe Tanti said “The question business people and hoteliers are asking is not should they save water but how to do so? As of today the MBB has provided enterprises with easy to use, powerful, and freely accessible online guidance on how best to save water.”

Water Audits carried out by the project have shown that 85% of businesses and hotels could either tweak existing, or adopt new, water saving solutions. The savings potential of these enterprises averages 10 - 15% on current consumption.

The online self-assessment tool could help viewers realise this potential. It allows viewers to enter water consumption data and then presents an analysis. The self-assessment concludes by recommending specific water saving solutions and calculates the quantity and cost of water these solutions could save. A report is generated which can be downloaded or printed for future reference.

In addition to the self-assessment tool the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project website has been updated with a list of water saving solutions. The solutions featuring on the website are the most effective, the simplest to install and maintain, the easiest to purchase locally and perhaps most importantly – those with a short to medium term payback period.

To share best practice and inspire similar water saving projects, the project website has also been updated with case studies of enterprises which have adopted successful water saving solutions.

Over the coming year the MBB will be working closely with audited businesses and hotels to document success at water savings. “As we verify these savings we will share success stories through the project website. Enterprises wanting to save water will have one reference website with a powerful online self-assessment tool, and a list of water saving solutions and best practice case studies – an unprecedented amount of information on how save water.” concluded Joe Tanti.

The Malta Business Bureau and its project partners the Malta Chamber and MHRA encourage enterprises to take advantage of the self-assessment tool available here.