Employees save water too

APS Bank and the Malta Business Bureau today teamed up to launch a programme of workshops for businesses and hotels as part of the MBB’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project. The first workshop as part of this programme was held this afternoon at the APS Bank’s head office in Swatar.

31APS staff members participated in the workshop, receiving information about the bank’s water saving measures. These include a rainwater harvesting programme which provides 36% of the premises’ water, and careful sourcing of water efficient sanitary ware and equipment to cut down on waste.

The important contribution of staff to water saving was highlighted in several of the water audits carried out by the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project over the past year. Best practice behaviour witnessed by the project includes spotting and stopping leaks which would have gone undetected, equipment being tweaked to waste less water, management told of wasteful equipment, and water consumed sparingly.

“Through the workshops the project wishes to encourage and share best practice amongst employees,” commented Geoffrey Saliba, the MBB’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project Manager. “The water audits have shown that 85% of businesses and 75% of hotels could significantly reduce their water consumption by adopting simple water saving solutions. Employees can play a key role in supporting these initiatives and make an easy task out of keeping consumption efficient.”

Additionally many of the water saving solutions identified for businesses and hotels, such as restrictors and aerators for showers and taps, water saving bags for toilets, and harvesting of rainwater, can also be applied in households.

Mr. Delia APS bank Chairman highlighting the bank’s satisfaction at financially supporting the project, and stated “APS Bank has been active for more than a decade raising public awareness on the efficient use of scarce water resources in the Maltese Islands. It initially assessed the role of Agriculture, which is the prime consumer of water.  Now it is time to focus on industry and households in an attempt to satisfy daily water needs avoiding wastage.  Today’s workshops are a practical tool to achieve this objective.”

The MBB, supported by partners the Malta Chamber and the MHRA are offering these Water Saving Workshops free of charge to businesses and hotels in Malta and Gozo. For more information on water saving solutions or to book a workshop please visit this page.

The EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project receives 50% co-financing under the European Community’s LIFE funding programme, with the Ministry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment as the main co-financier, further co-financing and sponsorship from Easydry Malta, APS Bank, Island Hotels Group, and MSV LIFE.