Paper: Water Consumption Benchmarks – a step towards reduced consumption

The Project has carried out 39 audits to date, in 19 hotels and 20 businesses. The hotels ranged from 3 star to 5 star, while the businesses surveyed ranged from offices employing 30 staff to manufacturing facilities with 950 employees. The data collection enabled the Project to produce the first consumption benchmarks for Malta which are based on such in-depth data analysis of water consumption.

Over the course of the audits the project took measurements of actual flows from taps and showers, and noted flushing cistern volumes for toilets. Huge variations in flow rates were observed, not only from one premises to another but also within the same premises. It was also noted that toilets having a wide range of flushing volumes are installed in hotels and businesses in Malta, with a flush volume of anything from 6 litres to 15 litres having been encountered over the course of the audits.

The project concludes that in general, most systems have an element of over-design which is resulting in more water delivered for service water features than necessary. The Project therefore recommends that enterprises adopt standard flow rates and flushing volumes, and believes that this would lead to a reduction in water consumption.

Water Consumption Benchmarks – a step towards reduced consumption