Paper: The hotel industry - a shift to greener and lower cost operations

At its start in 2011, the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project wished to focus on identifying a set of water saving solutions which would be transferable to hotels of different types and categories. In order to do so, water consuming applications common to a wide variety of hotels had to be identified. In the early stages of the project, toilets, showers and wash hand basins were the three main water consuming applications identified as being common to all hotels. It was assumed, based on rigorous experience by industry professionals, that in most cases these applications consume a large part of the hotel’s total water consumption. Experience also dictated that water saving interventions on these applications could result in significant savings.

This paper is based on water audits carried out by the project in 42 hotels over the period February 2012 to September 2013, representing 30% of hotels in Malta. The paper statistically quantifies the consumption of these three applications, and explores the potential savings that may be achieved on an industry-level by implementing off-the-shelf solutions.

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