Paper: Greening the Economy, grey-water treatment and flow rate regulation

The EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project has identified that an industry wide adoption of shower and wash-hand basin flow rate regulation, and grey-water treatment by hotels could lead to considerable savings in water and electricity consumption. The adoption of these three water saving measures would lead to an industry level reduction in water use of 37%, and significant energy savings on heating.

This paper is based on water audits carried out by the project in 63 hotels over the period February 2012 to December2013, representing 45% of hotels in Malta. This paper explores the contribution of these key water saving measures to the Green Economy, and is a follow up to the project paper titled ‘The Hotel Industry – a shift to greener, lower cost operations’ published by the projection the 27th September 20131.

Download the paper: Greening the Economy; Grey-water treatment and flow rate regulation