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Water saving technology adopted – Flow restriction on wash-hand basins, volume control on toilets


Why APS Bank chose to invest

APS Bank is committed to sustainable development. While developing its recent head office, the bank decided to invest in a holistic on-site water conservation programme. The aim of the programme was to put the bank’s sustainability policy into practice, reduce operational costs and help conserve scarce national resources.

The adopted water saving solutions

The importance of water savings has been communicated the to bank’s employees, leading to a more water conscious consumption. The bank has also focused its efforts on rainwater harvesting and installing water efficient sanitary fittings.


Rainwater is collected from the head office’s roof and stored in 2nd class water reservoirs. Reject water from domestic reverse osmosis units is also diverted to the 2nd class water reservoir. Since such units produce five times as much reject water as product water, this forms a surprising 14% of the bank’s total water consumption. The 2nd class water is then used for flushing toilets, irrigation, fire fighting drills and washing floors.


In addition, restrooms at the APS head office have been fitted with sensor controlled water dispensers on both wash-hand basin faucets as well as toilet flushings. These units ensure that only as much water as is needed is dispensed.


About 14% of the bank’s water demand is satisfied by reverse-osmosis reject while 36% of the water demand is provided through  rainwater harvesting  The sanitary fittings ensure that the bank’s per capita consumption is favourably low when compared to other similar enterprises in Malta. The end result is less water used, and a significantly reduced utilities bill.


How satisfied is the bank with the technology?

“We have adopted, tried and tested technology to tackle the issue of water conservation.  This policy has already proved to be a success – the results speak for themselves.  Such investment cost is justifiable, commissioning is easy and the payback period is very reasonable. This is a case of complex problems being solved through simple solutions.” Victor Buhagiar, Manager Administration, APS Bank Ltd.

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