Golden Sands 5* Hotel and Spa Resort

Water saving technology adopted – Black Water (Sewage) Treatment


Why the Golden Sands chose to invest

While under construction a decision was taken to build a hotel which consumed as little water as possible, at a competitive price. The Island Hotels Group also wanted a solution which was in line with their environmentally responsible operating ethics.


The group therefore decided to invest in blackwater (sewage) treatment technology. The technology was to produce 2nd class water used for flushing the hotel’s toilets and for irrigating its significant landscaped area. By recycling its own water, the hotel would be able to cut down on its total water consumption significantly, and generate 2nd class water which is cheaper than tap supplied towns water.  


The technology

The Golden Sands 5* resort and spa has been operating a sewage treatment plant since mid-2006. The plant produces 30,000 m3 of 2nd class water per annum, used to flush toilets and for irrigation. Of this water, more is produced than is needed by the hotel and in fact, 30% of the water generated is donated to the Parks Department for the irrigation of afforested areas, public gardens and roundabouts.  The plant saves the hotel the equivalent of €25,500 in water per annum.


In addition to a lower cost per unit of water consumed, an additional advantage to this technology is that by recycling and reusing over half of the water consumed the hotel can make do with a smaller reverse-osmosis unit than it would have otherwise needed. In fact, without the sewage treatment plant the hotel would have had to purchase a reverse osmosis unit of nearly twice the capacity.


Approximate unit footprint                    150 m2

Cost of produced water                        €1.65

Approximate treatment plant cost         €500,000

Annual savings                                    €24,500

How satisfied is the hotel with the technology?

“This technology is in line with the efforts we have always made to develop environmentally sustainable products. It has worked well for us and helps us operate a little more efficiently as well so you get the best out of both worlds – operating in an environmentally friendly manner while cutting costs ” said Winston Zahra Jr. CEO of Island Hotels Group Holdings plc.

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