Bohinj Park ECO Hotel

Water Saving Solution – Grey-water Treatment with heat recovery


Why did the Bohinj Park ECO Hotel decide to invest in this technology?

In the Julian Alps on the edge of the Triglav national park, the Bohinj Park ECO Hotel was designed with the environment given priority. The result is a hotel which was built using local materials, that produces more electricity than it consumes, and where all possible water saving solutions have been considered. It is not only a strong environmental ethic which drove the development, but also a very practical goal – that of reducing the monthly maintenance bill.

The technology in brief

The hotel makes use of an advanced grey-water treatment system where water recycling is coupled with heat recovery technology. Waste water from showers and wash-hand basins is collected in special containers where heat pumps take away the rest of the warmth for application elsewhere in the hotel. The cleaned and cooled water is then used to flush toilets, serving a considerable amount of the hotel’s water needs.

How satisfied is Bohinj Park ECO Hotel with the technology?

"We are very satisfied with our decision to implement the newest technologies in the area of energy efficiency, waste and water handling, as well as with the execution of our overall sustainable strategy. As a direct result of our investments we are a unique eco-luxury center in the Julian Alps, which provides distinction on the market. Our monthly bill is 60% lower than with comparable Hotels, while our entire construction brings no threat to the environment. Our water usage is minimal, we produce more electricity than we need, therefore we can invest our profits into expanding our resort or improving service quality." - director (of Bohinj Park ECO Hotel (project) and of MPM Engineering (company)) Anže Cokl.

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